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Треска, Студија, Вода, Мерење

The European Commission has identified river floods as the most common natural disaster in Europe. Catastrophic floods also affected North Macedonia, namely the city of Skopje on the night between 6 and 7 August 2016. The storm affected a wider area of 15 municipalities around the capital Skopje.

Therefore, the priority for the Government of the Republic of North Macedonia is to identify and manage the risks related to future floods.


The villages from the Polog valley, located around the riverbed of the river Vardar, are exposed to frequent floods, with great material damage. The intensity of these floods is most pronounced in the area of the villages Jegunovce, Raotince, Kopance and Tudence. The problems of the population with the frequent floods in the areas are subject to the solution of this project.

The hydraulic sizing of the regulated riverbed consisted in determining the throughput of the projected cross sections and bridges.

  • Изработка на студии и проекти за водоснабдување (зафати, пумпни станици, цевководи, резервоари)
  • Проекти за рехабилитација и унапредување на постојни водоводни системи
  • Изработка на студии и проекти за канализациони системи
  • Математичко моделирање на водоводни и канализациони системи