Quality Policy

Hidro Konsult is committed to provide the highest quality services, meeting customer requirements in design, supervision and revision, while taking into account the needs of employees, associates and others concerned, through:

  • Meeting the requirements of the clients through the fulfillment of their specifications and applicable legal regulations in the business;
  • Continuous improvement of the quality of our services / products;
  • Continuous development and professional growth of employees in the organization;

Inclusion of our carefully selected associates in developing the awareness of the quality we offer.

The leadership of Hidro Konsult, in its scope of work, was determined for:

  • Implementing and maintaining the environmental management and environmental protection system in accordance with the EMS ISO14001 standard
  • Improvement of the environmental management and environmental protection system in accordance with the ISO14001 standard
  • Protection of the environment from pollution
  • Satisfying the buyers requirements
  • Continuous monitoring and implementation of the contemporary trends in the implementation of the legislation related to the environment
  • Creating environmental goals and their implementation
  • Monitoring the level of knowledge of the employees in the field of environment
  • Continuous communication with the relevant organizations
  • Respecting the legal acts of the state
  • Observing changes in legal acts
  • Conducting communication within the company
  • Continuous monitoring of the factors influencing possible pollution of the environment

The goals of the leadership of Hidro Konsult relate to the following:

  • Conduct training of employees according to the plan for training and education of employees
  • Reduction of air, water, sewage and soil emissions
  • Reduction of energy consumption
  • Waste management